Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Creates, and provides for organization of a Highway and Traffic Safety Commission of five members appointed by Governor with consent of Senate. Prescribes terms of office and salaries of members. Provides Commission shall succeed to powers and duties of certain existing State agencies relating to highways and enforcement of vehicle laws except registration and tax collections. Abolishes present State Highway Commission and transfers California Highway Patrol to new Commission. Preserves existing civil service rights, authorizes Legislature to change existing laws and enlarge powers and duties of Commission concerning highways and vehicular traffic.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 904491; A: 40.0; N: 1358351; B: 60.0

Election Type

General Election

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For Author

H. W. Keller, Vice-president and Chairman, Roads and Highways Committee, Automobile Club of Southern California; Francis Carr, President, California State Automobile Association; Chas. A. Whitmore, Visalia, Former Chairman, California Highway Commission

Against Author

W. P. Rich, Senator, Tenth District; Helen Swain Gilmore; Emil Gumpert, Of Gumpert and Mazzera, Counsel for California Association of Highway Patrolmen.