Proposition Summary

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 21. Amends section 31 of Article IV of Constitution. Adds to present section dealing with public credit and moneys, the proviso that Legislature shall have power by general and uniform laws to provide for the apportionment of funds out of State treasury for county, city and county, city or other municipal purposes. Eliminates prohibition of legislative gift or authorization of gift of public money or thing of value to municipal corporations.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 479500; A: 25.6; N: 1395523; B: 74.4

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Assembly Constitutional Amendment

For Author

Leon M. Donihue, Member of the Assembly, Fifteenth District; Earl Desmond, Member of the Assembly, Ninth District; Henry A. Dannenbrink, Member of the Assembly, Eighteenth District; Arthur H. Breed, Jr., Member of the Assembly, Sixteenth District; Chester F. Gannon, Member of the Assembly, Eighth District; Ray Williamson, Member of the Assembly, Twenty-sixth District; Clyde A. Watson, Member of the Assembly, Seventy-fourth District

Against Author

Ray B. Wiser, President, California Farm Bureau Federation