Proposition Summary

Referendum of act of Legislature (Chapter 304, Statutes 1937). Act provides for competitive bidding for leases on eleven parcels of State-owned tide and submerged lands at Huntington Beach for oil drilling from piers, islands or groins; provided that no bid shall be accepted unless it provides for royalty to State of more than 30% of production when average daily production for thirty consecutive days exceeds 200 barrels, and for drilling minimum of ten wells per lease.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 491973; A: 22.8; N: 1666251; B: 77.2

Election Type

General Election

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For Author

Culbert L. Olson, Senator, Thirty-eighth District, Los Angeles County; Harry C. Westover, Senator, Thirty-fifth District, Orange County; J. C. Garrison, Senator, Twenty-second District, Stanislaus County

Against Author

Lynn O. Hossom, Attorney at Law, Chairman of the Fact Finding Committee of the Long Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce, Harbor Commissioner, Legal Counsel of Associated Property Owners of Long; James S. Farquhar, Editor and Publisher, Huntington Beach News; A. C. Peterson, Publisher, South Coast News, Laguna Beach, California