Proposition Summary

Initiative. Amends title and certain sections of Chiropractic Act; provides Secretary of Chiropractic Board shall devote full time to duties and increases his salary; increases powers of board; increases educational requirements of applicant for license; permits licensees to diagnose and treat diseases, injuries, deformities or other physical or mental conditions of human beings, without using drugs or severing any tissues of human body; specifies grounds of and proceedings for suspension or revocation of license; specifies annual renewal license fee and method of reinstating forfeited license; declares licensees shall report communicable diseases and sign birth and death certificates.

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Y: 801173; A: 29.7; N: 1894764; B: 70.3

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Special Election

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For Author

Stanley M. Innes, Past President, Affiliated Chiropractors of California; George E. Swanson, President, Affiliated Chiropractors of California, Alameda-Contra Costa Unit; W. F. Morris, Member, State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Against Author

T. F. Ratledge, D.C., Chairman Legislative Committee California Chiropractic Association; L. H. McLellan, D.C., Secretary Chiropractic League of California; Roy G. Labachotte, D.C., President of Palmer Standardized Chiropractors of California