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Referendum of Legislative Act. (Chapter 811, Statutes 1939.) Act creates Oil Conservation Commission empowered to limit and prorate production of crude petroleum oil and natural gas, adopt rules and regulations relating thereto and prescribe procedure in hearings and proceedings before Commission. Provides for court review. Defines and prohibits waste. Defines legal and illegal oil and oil products; when illegal requires same be impounded, sold and proceeds deposited in general fund. Prescribes penalties for violations. Imposes charges upon well operators and royalty owners, payable into oil conservation fund to be expended in enforcement of Act.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1110316; A: 38.7; N: 1755625; B: 61.3

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Special Election

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For Author

Culbert L. Olson, Governor of the State of California; Wentworth H. Osgood, Lieutenant Commander U. S. Navy, Inspector, Naval Petroleum Reserves; Maurice Atkinson, Assemblyman, Seventieth District; Wills B. Wylis, Executive Secretary, Retail Petroleum Dealers Association

Against Author

Ralph C. Dills, Assemblyman, Sixty-ninth Assembly District; Seth Millington, Assemblyman, Fourth Assembly District; J. Frank Burke