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Initiative Act. Provides Daylight Saving Time as standard time in California between last Sunday in April and last Sunday in September annually. Declares purpose of Act to provide maximum utilization of daylight hours. Fixes standard time for remainder of year as United States Standard Pacific Time; designate Daylight Saving Time as one hour in advance thereof. Declares that in all laws, orders, decrees, regulations, concerning performance of public or other specified acts, accrual or determination of rights, and in public institutions, contracts and choses in action, the time shall be as provided in Act. Repeals conflicting legislation.

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Y: 785634; A: 30.0; N: 1834564; B: 70.0

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General Election

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For Author

Allyn M. Suffens, Secretary, California Daylight Saving League

Against Author

Thomas A. Maloney, Member of the Assembly, Twentieth District, San Francisco County, San Francisco, California.; C. J. Haggerty, President, California State Federation of Labor. Los Angeles, California.; Gordon H. Garland, Speaker and Member of the Assembly, Thirty-eighth District, Tulare and Kings Counties, Woodlake, California.; Mrs. Thomas H. Richards, President, California State Federation of Women's Clubs, Chico, California.; Dr. James Whitcomb Brougher, Jr., Pastor, First Baptist Church, Glendale, California.; R. H. Taylor, Executive Secretary, Agricultural Council of California, Sacramento, California.; Mrs. Leiland Atherton Irish, Clubwoman and General Manager, Southern California Symphony Association, Hollywood, California.