Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Amends Constitution, Article XIII, section 11. Declares no law imposing income tax on natural persons, or their estates or trusts shall be valid unless approved by majority of voters after initiative proceedings there for or after submission thereto at next general election following its passage by two-thirds of all members of each House of Legislature. Repeals 1935 Personal Income Tax Act, Chapter 329, Statutes 1935, and similar personal income tax laws enacted in manner inconsistent therewith, preserving liability for accrued taxes.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 763700; A: 45.7; N: 907311; B: 54.3

Election Type

General Election

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For Author

Leslie E. Burks, Executive Secretary, San Francisco Real Estate Board.; Isidore B. Dockweiler; Zack Farmer, Municipal Airport Commissioner.; Mrs. Gertrude H. Rounsavelle, Parent-Teachers Association Leader and Educator.; Donald J. Willson, Vice President, California Fruit Exchange.

Against Author

Chris N. Jespersen, Senator, Twenty-ninth District.; John F. Shelley, Senator, Fourteenth District.; J. C. Garrison, Senator, Twenty-second District.; George Sehlmeyer, Master, California State Grange.; Ray B. Wiser, President, California Farm Bureau Federation.; Von T. Ellsworth, Director of Research Department and Legislative Representative, California Farm Bureau Federation.; Helen Gahagan; Roy Cloud, State Executive Secretary, California Teachers Association.