Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Amends Constitution, section 15 of Article XIII, to increase the amount of revenue required to be raised and apportioned by the Legislature for public elementary schools from one hundred per cent to one hundred and sixty-six and two-thirds per cent of the entire amount otherwise required to be raised by counties for the support of public day and evening elementary schools. Leaves unchanged the amount to be raised and apportioned for public day and evening secondary and technical schools. Amendment effective from June 30,1945.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1753818; A: 63.8; N: 996808; B: 36.2

Election Type

General Election

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Code Sections Affected

Amended Cal. Const. art XIII, section 15.

For Author

Charles Albert Adams, San Francisco.; John F. Brady, President, State Council of Education.; Arthur W. Brouillet, San Francisco.; Dorothy D. Decker, Santa Ana, President, California Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.; Dr. Walter F. Dexter, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.; George A. Duddy, San Francisco, State Secretary, California State Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles.; McIntyre Faries, Los Angeles.; Mrs. John J. Garland, Menlo Park, President, California Congress of Parents and Teachers.; C. J. Haggerty, Secretary-Treasurer, California State Federation of Labor.; Mrs. Alfred J. Mathebat, Alameda, Past National Commander, American Legion Auxiliary.

Against Author

Lee T. Bashore, Assemblyman, Forty-ninth District, Glendora. Chairman, Committee on Revenue and Taxation, California State Legislature.