Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Adds Article XXX providing $60 monthly payments, beginning June 1945, to citizens having required residence, who are sixty years old or over, or totally and permanently disabled, including those in military service, or blind. Recipients prohibited from gainful occupation and required to expend payments. Provides 3 per cent gross income tax on persons and organizations, except nonprofit organizations: proceeds distributed between State General Fund and special fund established for payments. Permits increase of payments, reduction and increase of tax, and relaxation of eligibility requirements. Repeals Sales and Use Tax.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1017924; A: 32.8; N: 2089102; B: 67.2

Election Type

General Election

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For Author

Dr. F. E. Townsend; B. G. Rankine; Wilford Howard; John C. Cuneo

Against Author

Mrs. J. J. Garland, President, California Congress of Parents and Teachers.; Ray B. Wiser, President, California Farm Bureau Federation.; Paul Cowgill, President, California State Employees Association.; Mrs. Curtis S. Albro, President, Y. W. C. A.; Leland P. Reeder, Past President, California Real Estate Association.; Joseph Scott, Attorney, Los Angeles.; George H. McLain, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Citizens' Committee for Old Age Pensions.