Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Adds Section 1A to Article I. Declares right of employment, free from interference because employee does or does not belong to or pay money to a labor organization. Declares interference with such right unlawful and provides remedy by court action. Defines labor organization. Declares section self-executing, and authorizes legislation to facilitate its operation.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1304418; A: 40.8; N: 1893589; B: 59.2

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General Election

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For Author

E. C. Kimball, Citrus Grower, Ventura County. Chairman, California Committee for the Right to Work.; James L. Beebe, Lawyer, Los Angeles.; Byron C. Hanna, Lawyer, Los Angeles.; Mark Holthouse, Dairyman, Los Altos.; R. F. Schmeiser, Farmer, Fresno.

Against Author

Anthony L. Noriega, President, California State Federation of Labor.; C. J. Haggerty, Secretary-Treasurer, California State Federation of Labor.; J. G. Thimmes, President, State C. I. O. Council.; M. C. Hermann, Quartermaster Adjutant, Department of California, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.; Walter L. Bachrodt, Superintendent, City Schools of San Jose.