Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Adds Article XXV to Constitution. Increases maximum aid from $60 to $75 monthly for aged persons, and from $75 to $85 monthly for blind persons. Makes continuing appropriations from State Treasury to finance same. Changes eligibility standards; lowers age and residence requirements for aged aid; increases income and property exemptions permitted to recipients of aged and blind aid. Makes Director, Department Social Welfare, elective office; names first director. Places aid program entirely under State administration, eliminating county functions. Prescribes administrative procedures. Creates lien against State Treasury for cost of aid and administration.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1837805; A: 50.5; N: 1800513; B: 49.5

Election Type

General Election

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Relevant Case

Perry v. Jordan: 34 Cal. 2d 87, 1949

Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Const. art. XXV.

For Author

George H. McLain, Chairman Citizens' Committee for Old Age Pensions; Frank E. Gardner, Chairman Legislative Committee of California Blind; Myrtle Williams, Secty-Treas. California Institute of Social Welfare; John W. Evans, Assemblyman, 65th Dist.; Gordon R. Hahn, Assemblyman, 66th Dist.

Against Author

Ray B. Wiser, President, California Farm Bureau Federation; Arthur J. Will, Superintendent of Charities, County of Los Angeles; William A. Pixley, Chairman of the Board, Property Owners Association of California, Inc.; James L. Beebe, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, California