Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitution Amendment. Amends Article IV, Section 6 of Constitution. Provides that counties shall be represented in State Senate in proportion to population, but that no county shall have more than 10 Senators. Eliminates present provision that no county shall contain more than one Senate district. Requires 1949 Legislature to reapportion Senate districts according to population shown by 1940 federal census, subsequent adjustments to be made following each decennial federal census. Provides for election of all Senators in 1950, one-half of Senators to be elected every two year thereafter.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1069899; A: 32.2; N: 2250937; B: 67.8

Election Type

General Election

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Relevant Case

Jordan v. Silver: 381 U.S. 415, 1965

For Author

Jno. W. Preston, Former California State Supreme Court Justice; M. C. Hermann, Adjutant, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Dept. of California; C. J. Haggerty, Secretary-Treasurer, California State Federation of Labor

Against Author

Mrs. J. C. Bradbury, President, California Federation of Women's Clubs, Modesto; Mr. Rollin Brown, Los Angeles; Justus F. Craemer, President, California Press Association, San Francisco; Frank P. Doherty, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles; Thomas A. J. Dockweiler, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles; Richard Graves, Executive Secretary, League of California Cities, Berkeley; A. J. McFadden, President, Agricultural Council of California, Santa Ana; Garret McEnerney, II, Attorney at Law, San Francisco; Thomas J. Riordan, Past Department Commander American Legion, San Francisco.; W. P. Wing, Secretary-Manager, California Wool Growers Association, San Francisco