Proposition Summary

Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 22. Amends Section 4 of Article XXIV of the Constitution. Exempts from State Civil Service officers and employees of district agricultural associations Employed less than six months per calendar year; stewards, judges, and veterinarians of California Horse Racing Board employed on part-time basis; full time hide and brand inspectors of State Department of Agriculture, and not exceeding four employees of State Board of Equalization. Prohibits Legislature from reviving any optional exemption from State Civil Service, once such exemption has been abolished.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 957800; A: 31.9; N: 2040251; B: 68.1

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Senate Constitutional Amendment

For Author

John H. Guthrie, President, California Cattlemen's Association; Herman Colpein, Chairman, Cattle Department California Farm Bureau Federation; L. A. Rozzoni, Chairman, Livestock Department California Farm Bureau Federation; L. W. Renne, Chairman, Dairy Department California Farm Bureau Federation; Roy Owens, Chairman, Hide and Brand Committee California Farm Bureau Federation

Against Author

California State Employees' Association, F. M. Carter, President; California Merit System League, Julius C. Knoblauch, President