Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Adds Article XXVII repeals Article XXV, State Constitution. Reinstates plan of Old Age Security and Aid to Blind, and method of administration thereof, in existence prior to adoption of Article XXV, except that maximum aid payments are retained at present level of $75 per month for aged persons and $85 per month for blind persons, with participation by the State and the counties. Authorizes Legislature to increase or decrease amount of payments to aged and to blind, and otherwise to amend or repeal existing laws.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1560484; A: 57.5; N: 1152329; B: 42.5

Election Type

Special Election

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Relevant Case

Pearson v. State Soc. Welfare Bd.: 54 Cal. 2d 184, 1960

Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Const. art. XXVII. Repealed Cal. Const. art. XXV.

For Author

Dr. Newel Perry, President, The California Council for the Blind; Mrs. G. W. Luhr, President, The California Congress of Parents and Teachers; Ray B. Wiser, President, The California Farm Bureau Federation; Ben C. Duniway, President, The California Association for Social Welfare; Mrs. Pauline McT. Ploeser, President, The League of Women Voters of California

Against Author

George H. McLain, Chairman, Citizens' Committee for Old Age Pensions; Frank E. Gardner, Chairman, Legislative Committee of California Blind; Charles Ohlson, Vice President, California Institute of Social Welfare; Mrs. Eva Scott, State President, American War Mothers; John F. Shelley, President, California State Federation of Labor