Proposition Summary

Initiative. Prohibits waste, defined as production methods which reduce maximum economic quantity of oil or gas ultimately recoverable by good engineering practices. Provides for unit operation of pools to increase ultimate recovery on agreement of lessors and lessees of three-fourths of pool, Creates California Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to prevent waste by any necessary or proper orders, including orders limiting' production but only to extent necessary to prevent waste. Provides for well spacing. Provides for pooling of spacing units in new Pools. Provides Commission's orders shall protect correlative rights. Provides for enforcement and administration.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1208752; A: 23.4; N: 3950532; B: 76.6

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General Election

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For Author

Brig. Gen. Warren T. Hannum (Ret.), Former Director of the State Department of Natural Resources, San Francisco; Roger Kent, Attorney, interested in conservation; Lewis Gough, Republican Committeeman and Past National Commander, American Legion, Los Angeles

Against Author

Charles E. Robinson, Bakersfield Secretary District Council No. 1 Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers Union, AFL-CIO; Acting Chairman, Statewide Union Labor Committee Against Proposition No. 4; W. H. Geis, Chairman, Los Angeles; Joseph F. Taylor, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. Ret., Los Angeles