Proposition Summary

INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Adds Section I-A to Article I, State Constitution. Prohibits employers and employee organizations from entering into collective bargaining or other agreements which establish membership in a labor organization, or payment of dues or charges of any kind thereto, as a condition of employment or continued employment. Declares unlawful certain practices relating to membership in labor organizations. Provides for injunction and damage suits against any person or group for violation or attempted violation. Preserves existing lawful contracts but applies to renewals or extensions thereof. Declares that section is self-executing. Defines "labor organization."

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 2079975; A: 40.4; N: 3070837; B: 59.6

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General Election

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For Author

Arthur E. Simpson, Member, Local 770, Retail Clerks Union; August E. Sommerfield, Former Steward, Local 170, Sheetmetal Workers Union California Co-ordinator, Committee for Democracy in Labor Unions; Howard B. Wyatt, Member, Local 626, Teamsters Union Executive Secretary, Committee for Democracy in Labor Unions

Against Author

Benjamin H. Swig, President Fairmont Hotel Company, San Francisco; Charles J. Smith, Director District 38, United Steelworkers of America, Los Angeles; C. J. Haggerty, Secretary-Treasurer California State Federation of Labor