Proposition Summary

Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 13. Provides that residency requirement for veterans' tax exemption of $1,000 means those who were residents at time of entry into armed forces or operative date of this amendment; survivor to be entitled to exemption must be survivor of qualified veteran and also resident at time of application. Extends exemption to widowers as well as widows; exemption denied to survivor owning property of value of $10,000. Permits totally disabled veteran entitled to $5,000 exemption on a home to transfer it to subsequently acquired home

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 3661142; A: 66.1 ; N: 1876259; B: 33.9

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Senate Constitutional Amendment

Code Sections Affected

Amended Cal. Const. art. XIII, section 1 1/4, Added Cal. Const. art. XIII, section 1 1/4 a

For Author

Luther E. Gibson, Senator for Solano County; James J. McBride, Senator for Ventura County

Against Author

Nelson S. Dilworth, Senator, Thirty-seventh District, Riverside County