Proposition Summary

Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Establishes and apportions 50 (instead of existing 40) senatorial districts. Provides for election of all senators in 1964, one-half of senators to be elected every two years thereafter. Additional districts allocated to existing single county districts based on population. Requires 1963 Legislature fix boundaries in counties having more than one district. Requires Legislature following 1970 and each subsequent decennial federal census to reapportion senatorial districts based on population, geographic area and economic affinity; provided 110 county shall have more than 6 districts and no district contain more than 3 counties.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 2181758; A: 46.6; N: 2495440; B: 53.4

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Initiative constitutional

For Author

Frank G. Bonelli, Supervisor Los Angeles County; Felix S. LeMarinel, Orange County Past President California State Junior Chamber of Commerce; John W. Quimby, Exec. Secretary-Treasurer San Diego County Central Labor Council

Against Author

John A. Murdy, Jr., Senator from Orange County Thirty-fifth Senatorial District; Joseph A. Rattigan, Senator from Sonoma County Twelfth Senatorial District; Jerome R. Waldie, Antioch Majority Leader California State Assembly