Proposition Summary

Initiative. Declares it contrary to public policy to permit development of subscription television business. Provides no charge shall be made to public for television programs transmitted to home television sets. Contracts inconsistent with free transmission made after effective date of Act or still executory are void. Act does not apply to community, hotel, or apartment antenna systems, or non-profit educational television systems. Injured person may seek damages or injunction for violation of Act. Repeals Sections 35001-35003, Revenue and Taxation Code, relating to subscription television.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 4515013; A: 66.4; N: 2286775; B: 33.6

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General Election

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Code Sections Affected

Added Free Television Act

For Author

Don Belding, Chairman Citizens' Committee for Free-TV and Director Eversharp Corporation; Financial Corporation of America; Mrs. Fred S. (Gerri) Teasley, Vice Chairman Citizens' Committee for Free-TV and Radio-TV Chairman, California Federation of Women's Clubs; George Johns, Executive Secretary, San Francisco Central Labor Council

Against Author

S. L. Weaver, Jr., President Subscription Television, Inc.; Ralph Bellamy, Acting President Fair Trial for Pay TV Council; Ralph Clare, Secretary, Joint Council of Teamsters of Southern California