Proposition Summary

Legislative Constitutional Amendment. Adds, amends, transfers, and repeals several miscellaneous provisions of the Constitution. Adds section allowing city charter to make provisions regarding members of boards of education. Amends sections relating to penal institutions and water rates. Transfers sections relating to lending of credit, corporations, and ownership of corporate shares by State and public agencies. Repeals provisions relating to corporations, holding large tracts of unimproved land, granting of State lands to settlers, and other miscellaneous sections. Financial impact: This measure does not involve any significant cost or revenue considerations.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 3384238; A: 65.8; N: 1762483; B: 34.2

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Proposition Type

Senate Constitutional Amendment

Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Const. art. IX, section 16, Amended Cal. Const. art. X, section 1, Repealed Cal. Const. art. XII, sections 1,4,5,6,7,8,13,15,16,24, Added Cal. Const. art. XIII, section 42, Repealed Cal. Const. art. XVII, sections 2,3, Added Cal. Const. art. XX, section 24, Repealed Cal. Const. art. XXII

For Author

Bruce W. Sumner, Chairman, Constitution Revision Commission; Donald L. Grunsky, Senator, 17th District; John T. Knox, Assemblyman, 11th District