Proposition Summary

LEGISLATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Amends Article XI, section 3(a), of State Constitution to provide that a city or county may adopt, amend, revise, or repeal a charter by a majority of its electors voting, and without approval of the Legislature. Makes charter, or changes thereto, effective upon filing with the Secretary of State. Charter provisions are the law of the state having the force and effect of legislative enactments. County charters adopted pursuant to this section supersede any existing charter and all inconsistent laws. Financial impact: None on local government and minor savings to state government.

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Legislative Vote Results

FINAL VOTE CAST BY LEGISLATURE ON ACT 81 (PROPOSITION 2): Assembly - Ayes, 62; Noes, 0 -- Senate - Ayes, 35; Noes, 0

Popular Vote Results

Y: 3803890; A: 72.8; N: 1418576; B: 27.2

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Assembly Constitutional Amendment

Code Sections Affected

Amended Cal. Const. art. XI, section 3(a)

For Author

Leo T. McCarthy, Assemblyman; Speaker, California State Assembly; John J. Miller, Assemblyman, 17th District; James R. Mills, Senator; President pro Tempore, California State Senate