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Senate Constitutional Amendment 2 adding section 6 ½ to article VI of constitution making term of office of superior judges twelve years except for judges elected to fill unexpired terms. Declares them subject to recall, impeachment and removal provisions relating to judges.

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Y:47229; A:18.1;N:213067;B:81.9

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Special Election

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Senate Constitutional Amendment

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Thos. F. Finn, State Senator Twenty-third District The office of superior court judge has so much to do with the financial, social and moral relations of our citizenship, that it should be removed as far as possible from political whims and influences, and by extending the term from six to twelve years we come nearer to eliminating such undesirable conditions. -- I submit there is no good reason why the term of a superior court judge should not equal the term of a judge of our supreme court or of our district courts of appeal, their functions being similar, with a difference only in jurisdiction. -- It is against good public policy and the interests of the people to require our judicial officers, whose duties demand their daily and undivided attention, to absent themselves from such duties to campaign for frequent re-elections, and therefore it would appear to be good public policy to make such elections less frequent. -- We ought to encourage our highest type of lawyers t; John N. Anderson, State Senator Thirty-ninth District

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Lyman M. King, State Senator Thirtieth District