Proposition Summary

PROPERTY TAXATION--VETERANS' EXEMPTION. LEGISLATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Adds Section 3.5 to Article XIII of the Constitution to require that, in any year in which the assessment ratio is changed, the legislature shall adjust the valuation of assessable property of eligible veterans, unmarried spouses of deceased veterans, and parents of deceased veterans to maintain the same proportionate values of such property. Financial impact: No effect on the amount of property taxes levied. No effect on tax liability of taxpayers claiming the veteran's exemption. Minor initial costs to local government.

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Legislative Vote Results

FINAL VOTE CAST BY LEGISLATURE ON SCA 60 (PROPOSITION 3) -- Assembly-Ayes, 76; Noes, 1 -- Senate-Ayes, 35; Noes, 0

Popular Vote Results

Y: 2523766; A: 75.9; N: 799948; B: 24.1

Election Type

Special Election

Proposition Type

Senate Constitutional Amendment

Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Const. art. XIII, section 3,5

For Author

Alan Sieroty, State Senator, 22nd District; Rose Ann Vuich, State Senator, 15th District; Mel Levine, Member of the Assembly, 44th District