Proposition Summary

SENIOR CENTER BOND ACT OF 1984. This act provides for a bond issue of fifty million dollars ($50,000,000) to provide funds for senior centers.

Proposition Number




Document Type




Legislative Vote Results

Assembly - Ayes, 68; Noes, 6 -- Senate - Ayes, 32; Noes, 2

Popular Vote Results

Y: 5903868; A: 66.7; N: 2940911; B: 33.3

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Bond Act (leg)

Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Welf. & Inst. Code sections 9450, et seq.

For Author

John Garamendi, State Senator, 5th District Senate Majority Leader Author of Proposition 30; John Seymour, State Senator, 35th District Senate Republican Caucus Chairman; Ethelyn J. Mehren, Chair, California Senior Coalition

Against Author

Ollie Speraw, State Senator, 31st District

Rebuttal Author

Ollie Speraw, State Senator, 31st District

Rebuttal Against Author

Tom Bradley, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles; William R. Pothier, President, California Institute of Senior Centers; Lillian Wilder, President, California Association of Nutrition Directors for the Elderly