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PUBLIC AID AND MEDICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Establishes Public Assistance Commission to annually survey and report on state per capita expenditures and state and county administrative costs of public aid and medical assistance programs in California and the other states. Limits expenditures for benefits under each program to the national average expenditure, excluding California, plus 10%. Permits increase in any program expenditure upon majority vote of Legislature so long as total of expenditures do not exceed limit. Defines programs included: exempts specified programs. Provides for amendment by two-thirds vote of Legislature after specified public notice. Makes other provisions. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: :\et effect would be to reduce combined state and county expenditures, beginning July 1, 1986. It is impossible at this time to determine the size of the reduction and the impact at different levels of government. While the measure would reduce expenditures under specified public assistance programs by substantial amounts, these reductions would be partially offset to an unknown extent by (1) increased costs under programs that are not subject to the measure's limitations and (2) reduced tax revenues resulting from the reduction in federal expenditures within the state. On balance, it is likely that state expenditures would be reduced and county expenditures would be increased.

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Y: 3427127; A: 37.0; N: 5517127; B: 63.0

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General Election

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For Author

Ross Johnson, California State Legislator Chairman, Californians to Halt Excessive Welfare Spending

Against Author

Clifford W. Holliday, President, California Congress of Seniors; Susan Gambini, President, California State Foster Parent Association; Richard E. White, President, Easter Seal Society of California

Rebuttal Author

Ray Uzeta, President, California Association of the Physically Handicapped; Rev. John Deckenbach, President, California Church Council; Mary Jane Merrill, President, League of Women Voters of California

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Ross Johnson, California State Legislator Chairman, Californians to Halt Excessive Welfare Spending