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LEGISLATURE: RULES, PROCEDURES, POWERS, FUNDING. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Specifies that membership on Senate and Assembly Rules Committees shall consist of members from two largest parties and accords largest party a one-vote majority. Specifies that membership on other house legislative committees shall be proportional to partisan composition in each house. Specifies that each house and specified legislative committees approve, among other things, by two-thirds vote, rules, committee establishment, appointments by Speaker and disbursement of funds. Reduces Legislature's support appropriations by 30%, limits future support appropriations, and requires specified public reports and audits. Specifies other procedural, operational, staffing and funding requirements. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: Funding for support of the Legislature would be reduced by up to $37 million from the amounts appropriated in the 1984-85 Budget Act. Because the budget will not be adopted until after the June 1984 election, the level of support for the Legislature remaining after this reduction is made cannot be determined at this time. In the years beyond 1984-85, the measure would set an upper limit on the growth in legislative funding.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 2444751; A: 53.1; N: 2162024; B: 46.9

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Initiative statute

Code Sections Affected

Repealed Cal. Gov. Code sections 9026, 9027, 9028, 9029, 9030, 9031, 9107. 9107.5, 9126, 9127, 9128, 9129, 9131, 9132, 9220, 9221, 9222, and 9223, Added Cal. Gov. Code sections 9900, et seq.

For Author

Paul Gann

Against Author

Robert T. Monagan, Republican Former Speaker; Leo T. McCarthy, Lieutenant Governor; John K. Van de Kamp, Attorney General

Rebuttal Author

Robert T. Monagan, Republican Former Speaker; Leo T. McCarthy, Lieutenant Governor

Rebuttal Against Author

Paul Gann