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ALLOCATION OF VEHICLE LICENSE FEE TAXES TO COUNTIES AND CITIES. At present the state is not required by the Constitution to allocate revenue from taxes imposed pursuant to the Vehicle License Fee Law to local governments. However, specified portions of these revenues are statutorily required to be allocated to counties and cities. This measure would require all revenues from taxes imposed pursuant to the Vehicle License Fee Law to be allocated to counties and cities on and after July 1 following its adoption except fees on trailer coaches and mobile homes and the costs of collection and refunds. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: This measure would have no direct fiscal effect. It would prevent Legislature from changing the law to take any portion of vehicle license fees away from counties and cities. However, measure would not necessarily affect either the level of state expenditures and revenues or the amount of vehicle license fees received by individual counties and cities as state still could reduce other forms of aid to local government or change existing formula for dividing vehicle license fee revenues between counties and cities.

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Legislative Vote Results

Assembly - Ayes, 62; Noes, 11 -- Senate - Ayes, 27; Noes, 2

Popular Vote Results

Y: 3487604; A: 81.8; N: 775437; B: 18.2

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Proposition Type

Senate Constitutional Amendment

Code Sections Affected

Amended Cal. Const. art. XI, section 15

For Author

Ruben Ayala, State Senator, 34th District; Richard P. Simpson, Executive Vice President California Taxpayers' Association; Robert E. Winter, Sheriff, Santa Clara County President, California State Sheriffs' Association