Proposition Summary

NEW PRISON CONSTRUCTION BOND ACT OF 1986. This act provides for the acquisition and construction of state youth and adult correctional facilities pursuant to a bond issue of five hundred million dollars ($500,000,000).

Proposition Number




Document Type




Legislative Vote Results

Assembly - Ayes, 68; Noes, 1 -- Senate - Ayes, 32; Noes, 0

Popular Vote Results

Y: 4471387; A: 65.3; N: 2374818; B: 34.7

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Bond Act (leg)

Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Penal Code sections 7300, et seq.

For Author

George Deukmejian, Governor; Richard Robinson, Member of the Assembly, 72nd District; Robert Presley, State Senator, 36th District

Against Author

Richard E. Floyd, Member of the Assembly, 53rd District

Rebuttal Author

Richard Floyd, Member of the Assembly, 53rd District

Rebuttal Against Author

Dick Simpson, Executive Vice President, California Taxpayers' Association; Robert H. Kress, Vice President, Citizens for Law and Order; Brad Gates, Sheriff of Orange County President, California State Sheriffs' Association