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ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIDS). INITIATIVE STATUTE. Declares that AIDS is an infectious, contagious and communicable disease and that the condition of being a carrier of the HTLV-III virus is an infectious, contagious and communicable condition. Requires both be placed on the list of reportable diseases and conditions maintained by the director of the Department of Health Services. Provides that both are subject to quarantine and isolation statutes and regulations. Provides that Department of Health Services personnel and all health officers shall fulfill the duties and obligations set forth in specified statutory provisions to preserve the public health from AIDS. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: The fiscal effect of the measure could vary greatly depending upon how it would be interpreted by public health officers and the courts. If only existing discretionary communicable disease controls were applied to the AIDS disease, given the current state of medical knowledge, there would be no substantial change in state and local costs as a direct result of this measure. If the measure were interpreted to require added control measures, depending upon the level of activity taken, the cost of implementing these measures could range to hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

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Y: 2039744; A: 29.3; N: 5012255; B: 70.7

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General Election

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Initiative statutory

For Author

Khushro Ghandhi, California Director, National Democratic Policy Committee (NDPC), and Member-elect, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee; John Grauerholz, M.D., FCAP, (Fellow, College of American Pathologists); William E. Dannemeyer, Member of Congress, 39th District

Against Author

Gladden V. Elliott, M.D., President, California Medical Association; Ed Zschau, Member of Congress, 12th District; Alan Cranston, United States Senator

Rebuttal Author

Helen Miramontes, R.N., M.S., Ccrn, President, California Nurses Association; C. Duane Dauner, President, California Hospital Association; Gladden V. Elliott, M.D., President, California Medical Association

Rebuttal Against Author

Gus S. Sermos, Former Centers for Disease Control Public Health Adviser with AIDS Program in Floridu; Nancy T. Mullan, M.D., Burbank; John Grauerholz, M.D., FCAP, (Fellow, College of American Pathologists)