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HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS FUNDING. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Creates public corporation to disburse funds to counties, other political subdivisions of the state, and nonprofit organizations pursuant to countywide plans, to provide emergency and transitional services for hungry and homeless persons, and for low-income housing as specified. Funding to come from new fines for the violation of existing laws and regulations relating to housing and food preparation, and bonds secured by the revenue from these fines. Includes other provisions. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: The revenue to be collected from new fines is unknown because (1) the measure does not specify the amount of each fine and (2) the measure lets cities and counties decide the number of fines given out. Possibly, several millions of dollars could be collected each year.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 4090441; A: 45.18; N: 4962409; B: 54.82

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Initiative statute

For Author

Conway H. Collis, Member, State Board of Equalization Proponent on behalf of Californians Working Together to End Hunger and Homelessness; Valerie Harper, Actress Advocate for the Hungry and Homeless; Reverend Joseph A. Carroll, President, St. Vincent de Paul -- Joan Kroc Center

Against Author

Don C. Beaver, President, California Grocers Association; Trice Harvey, Member of the Assembly, 33rd District Registered Sanitarian; Jeff Palsgaard, President, California Environmental Health Association

Rebuttal Author

Jeff Palsgaard, President, California Entironmental Health Association; Stanley Kyker, Executive Vice President, California Restaurant Association; Ronald C. Schultz, Ph.D., R.S., Professor of Health Science

Rebuttal Against Author

Tom Bradley, Mayor, Los Angeles; William Campbell, State Senator, 31st District; Robert W. Stringham, President, California Association of Food and Drug Officials