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CAMPAIGN FUNDING, CONTRIBUTION LIMITS. PROHIBITION OF PUBLIC FUNDING. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Limits annual political contributions to a candidate for public office to $1,000 from each person, $2,500 from each political committee, and $5,000 from a political party and each "broad based political committee," as defined. Permits stricter local limits. Limits gifts and honoraria to elected officials to $1,000 from each single source per year. Prohibits transfer of funds between candidates or their controlled committees. Prohibits sending newsletters or other mass mailings, as defined, at public expense. Prohibits public officials using and candidates accepting public funds for purpose of seeking elective office. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact. Measure would result in net savings to state and local governments. State administrative costs would be about $1.1 million a year when measure is fully operational. These costs would be more than completely offset by savings of about $1.8 million annually resulting from ban on publicly funded newsletters and mass mailings. Local governments would have unknown annual savings primarily from the ban on publicly funded newsletters and mass mailings.

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Y: 3144944; A: 58.06; N: 2271941; B: 41.94

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Initiative statutory

Relevant Case

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Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Gov. Code sections 85100 et seq.

For Author

Joel Fox, President, California Tax Reduction Movement; Dan Stanford, Former Chairman, Fair Political Practices Commission, 1983-85

Against Author

Walter Zelman, Executive Director, California Common Cause; Roy Ulrich, Chairman, California Tax Reform Association; Tom K. Houston, Former Chairman, California Fair Political Practices Commission

Rebuttal Author

Carol Federighi, President, League of Women Voters of California; Lucy Blake, Executive Director, California League of Conservation Voters; John K. Van De Kamp, Attorney General, State of California

Rebuttal Against Author

Quentin L. Kopp, State Senator, 8th District Independent/San Francisco and San Mateo Counties; Joseph B. Montoya, State Senator, 26th District Democratic/Los Angeles County; Ross Johnson, Member of the Assembly, 64th District Republican/Orange County