Hastings International and Comparative Law Review


Ifeanyi Achebe


In this Article, the author explores, without singling out Nigeria, the various consequences of inattention to uniform enforcement of the Nigerian Enterprises Promotions Decree promulgated in January 1977 (NEPD 1977) to facilitate and enhance economic development. The author notes that economic planners in developing countries have begun to recognize the importance and implications of the legal aspects of indigenization.

In the Nigerian situation, failure to enforce the indigenization decree and related laws encouraged religious discrimination, nepotism, and corruption in high places. It also encouraged fronting, the top enemy of economic progress. If Nigeria is to survive, President Ibrahim Babangida must, as he is now doing, emulate King David by putting God in charge while enforcing domestic laws within constitutional bounds. He must continue to engage meaningful international assistance and cooperation in combating business crimes. Because the Nigerian situation has defied economic predictions, and has become a monumental task, it demands an urgent return to God and His miracles.