Hastings International and Comparative Law Review


Taiwan is one of the fastest growing global participants in the information technology industry. Over the last two decades, Taiwan has become a major market for and producer of computer-related products, including a wide variety of computer software. However, despite its current achievements in this industry, Taiwan continues to be plagued by its international reputation as "The Pirate Kingdom." In response, both the Taiwanese government and private organizations have begun to address this problem by providing foreign persons with greater intellectual property protections. The Taiwanese legislature has bolstered existing copyright protections through a revision of the Taiwanese Copyright Law. In addition, the Information Product Anti- Piracy Alliance (IPAPA), a unique organization comprised of both governmental and private groups, has joined together to present a united front against piracy in Taiwan.

This Paper discusses the current protections for computer software as provided by the revised Taiwan Copyright Law. Additionally, this Paper outlines how the IPAPA enforces intellectual property rights for software proprietors through various activities, including police raids and educational seminars.