Hastings International and Comparative Law Review



This year's 21st Annual Scholarly Programs featured two events that brought leaders in the field together to discuss the legal bases for waging war in the 21st Century. The first event, the Scholars Forum, featured Professor Thomas M. Franck, who discussed his paper, Preemption, Prevention and Anticipatory Self-Defense: New Law Regarding Recourse to Force? Professor Diane Marie Amann, Professor David D. Caron, Professor Joel R. Paul and Judge Abraham D. Sofaer responded to Professor Franck's paper and offered their own perspectives. Professor Naomi Roht-Arriaza served as the mediator. The second event, the Rudolph B. Schlesinger Memorial Lecture, featured Michael J. Glennon, who presented an analysis of unilateral U.S. force on multinational, multilateral institutions. This analysis included a discussion on structural flaws inherent in the U.N. Charter's use of force rules.