Hastings Women’s Law Journal


The Standing Against Global Exploitation Project, Inc. ("SAGE") is organized by and for survivors of abuse, prostitution and trauma. Most of the staff have prior criminal histories, are recovering from severe drug addictions, and were formerly homeless. The staff at SAGE includes peer counselors, drug treatment counselors, therapists, acupuncturists, social workers, therapist interns, and volunteers. Within SAGE's programs, over 350 women and girls receive counseling and other services each week. Through advocacy, education programs, and direct services, SAGE raises public awareness concerning the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and girls, as well as many other related issues for this traditionally neglected population. This essay examines the relationship between the supply and demand of women and girls in the sex industry as well as the industry's relationship with child sexual abuse and violence against women. It explores the idea that the expectation of services is one of the primary contributing factors to this complex social phenomenon.