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Hastings Business Law Journal (Law Journals)

ISSN 1554-8503
© Copyright University of California, Hastings College of the Law

Hastings Business Law Journal (“HBLJ”) is a scholarly publication written by academics, professionals and law students. HBLJ will explore and critically analyze international and domestic events as they shape the dynamic interplay between law and business. HBLJ attempts not only to serve as a forum for legal academia, but also to provide a valuable research tool by illuminating the current state of the law and providing insight for the future.

Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal (Law Journals)

ISSN 1061-6578
© Copyright University of California, Hastings College of the Law

Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal (Comm/Ent) is the nation's preeminent law journal covering communications, entertainment, and intellectual property law. Comm/Ent's publishing agenda has expanded to include the Internet, telecommunications, biotechnology, multimedia, broadcasting, and constitutional law. The journal provides an important forum for legal scholarship in areas of law influencing and shaping the economy and society of the 21st century.

Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly (Law Journals)

ISSN 0094-5617
© Copyright University of California, Hastings College of the Law

The goal of Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly (CLQ) is to be a nationwide leader in the publication of legal scholarship on contemporary constitutional issues. Publishing for four issues annually and hosting several events and symposia, CLQ endeavors to engage a variety of thought leaders and a wide audience in the exploration of some of today’s most pressing legal debates.

Hastings Environmental Law Journal (Law Journals)

ISSN 1080-0735
© Copyright University of California, Hastings College of the Law

The Hastings Environmental Law Journal (HELJ) is in the process of transitioning from West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy. The new direction of HELJ will continue the tradition of creating a legal forum for both academics and practitioners in areas of environmental law and policy, but will depart from the previous regional concentration that was inherent to West-Northwest.

With a broader focus, HELJ will be home to all aspects of environmental policy and legal issues, and will focus on scholarship regarding the most current issues from across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. This journal will focus on creating a community of environmental scholars here at Hastings, and connecting them with the greater environmental community beyond. With articles and essays from a range of authors, including practicing attorneys, policy-makers, law students and professors, resource managers, scientists, citizen groups, and activists, HELJ will lead the way in identifying the most problematic issues in environmental law and policy and creating innovative solutions.

Hastings International and Comparative Law Review (Law Journals)

ISSN 0149-9246
© Copyright University of California, Hastings College of the Law

Founded in 1976, the Hastings International and Comparative Law Review ("HICLR") was one of the first law journals in the country dedicated exclusively to legal discourse on the most pressing international and comparative legal issues. As a resource for both academics and practitioners, HICLR provides a forum for exchanging ideas on public and private international law. The journal is published two times a year and welcomes submissions from around the world. Recent topics of discussion in the journal include hybrid war crimes tribunals, the Israeli-Palestinian water conflict, factory occupation in Argentina, and the human rights implications of global climate change.

Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment (Law Journals)

Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment (HJCP) is a forum in which meaningful discussion can occur on issues of criminal law, incarceration and the criminal justice system. Our intention is to establish a cross-disciplinary platform in which scholars and practitioners analyze criminal law and procedure as well as the different institutions of incarceration. From the pervasiveness of racial profiling to the shackles of collateral consequences, the criminal system disparately impacts the poor and people of color. A thorough examination of the various ways in which individuals are impacted by the criminal system is only possible with a diversity of perspectives. Therefore, we warmly invite the written analysis of those who traditionally have been excluded from legal scholarship, including incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people, as well as others who have been most affected by the criminal justice system. Ultimately, we believe that through the exploration of criminal law and its greater context in American society, HJCP can contribute to a critical discourse on punishment, justice and human dignity.

Hastings Women’s Law Journal (Law Journals)

ISSN 1061-0901
© Copyright University of California, Hastings College of the Law

The Hastings Women's Law Journal is committed to advancing feminist perspectives and promoting scholarship in issues of concern common to all women, while recognizing the unique concerns of communities that traditionally have been denied a voice, such as women of under-represented populations.